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Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum Care

I’ve had many questions on how to care for these animals. This quick video explains some of the basics. Here is some repeated + more information. Brazilian Short Tailed Opossums: In nature STO’s could be considered scavengers. They will eat a variety of things from fruits, veggies, nuts, and insects, to small rodents. They are small animals only reaching about 5″ body length. Cage – STO’s love to run around. Provide the largest cage possible. 1/4″ or 1/2″ bar spacing. Inside the cage you need a wheel, food dish, water bottle, and sleeping area/hide. Food – For their food dish which should be kept full at all times: Dog food, cat food, ferret food, sugar glider food, hedgehog food. “Treats” such as fruits, veggies, worms, chicken, or rodents should be fed 3 to 4 nights a week. *If you feed rodents – please only feed pinkie or fuzzy mice live. Adult mice pose a threat to your STO. My STO’s have been raised on live foods. Lucy was born in my house, and she has eaten live rodents since she was 3 months old. She is a trained/experienced hunter. ***I am one of the few STO owners who feeds LIVE rodents! If you purchase a STO from a pet store or another breeder it is unlikely they have ever eaten a live rodent! This puts them at a MUCH GREATER risk of being bitten/hurt/killed by the mouse as they are un-experienced and may not know what to do! STO’s as pets: STO’s are wonderful pets! They can really connect/bond with their human. Some people even carry their STO’s around with


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28 Responses to “Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum Care”

  1. TheEarthpirate says:

    do they smell?

  2. wandaauten says:

    @earthling1984 how do I PM you???

  3. wandaauten says:

    im sorry – how would I PM you? I’m new to utube.

  4. earthling1984 says:

    @wandaauten Thanks :) You can send me a PM on youtube :)

  5. wandaauten says:

    I love your help with these babies!!! Thank you sooo much for this info and on the hedgies. you can contact me at wandaauten@yahoo.com. I would like to ask questions that I don’t want posted for the world to see – nothing personal or gross…

  6. goresicka18 says:

    that brazilian short

  7. TheBeardie08 says:

    darn, thnxx anyways :)
    please let me know whenever u find out where i can buy them.

  8. earthling1984 says:

    @TheBeardie08 I am not currently sure. The person I purchased mine from no longer breeds them. They are very rare / hard to find.

  9. TheBeardie08 says:

    where can u buy these?

  10. earthling1984 says:

    @kx60tyler I wouldn’t recommend one for you. Living in a car wouldn’t be ideal for them, they need constant temperatures and that may be very bad for them if you left them in the car. Also, they are illegal in some states, many states actually, so you wouldn’t be able to bring them everywhere.

  11. earthling1984 says:

    @elikid12 they should be kept alone, not with another STO. Cat, dog, ferret, and other foods are fed. They don’t eat what mice and rats eat.

  12. elikid12 says:

    Do they get along with other opussums? Is there a website for the place you got them from? Why do you feed them dog and cat food, cant they just eat the mix of other small animal foods?Sorry for all the questions, im just really curious.

  13. kx60tyler says:

    im would like on but i dont know much about them im on the road alot i race dirtbikes all over the united states do you know if they will get car sick respond plz

  14. MrDanielbeaubien says:

    How much did their cages cost you

  15. MrCF545 says:

    They are cute. SHE went crazy with that worm! lol my sugr gliders do that.

  16. lhoward96 says:

    Do you know of any breeders that I could get one from?

  17. SuperGeo1234567 says:

    do you know where i could buy hedgehog food and the sugar glider food thanks agan

  18. earthling1984 says:

    @dinomanj yup. That is why I use aspen :)

  19. dinomanj says:

    pine and cedar chips are harmful because they have dust in them that are harmful to small animals

  20. earthling1984 says:

    @kx60tyler I got mine from a breeder in Texas. Yes they are very easy to handle as long as they are tame.

  21. kx60tyler says:

    were do u get them from are they like easy to handle and stuff like that

  22. earthling1984 says:

    @rrredzzz They make wonderful pets! They bond very well with humans! Like any pet, the more you hang out with them, the more calm and more ‘bonded’ they will become! Some people even carry their STO’s around all day in a pouch, feeding them bits of food from the pouch opening! Compared to rats, well STO’s are marsupials, so they aren’t rodents like rats. Rats can make great pets too, but I’d choose an STO over a rat anyday! STO’s also live longer than rats, averaging 4 to 6 years!

  23. rrredzzz says:

    do they make good pets ? are they affectionate ? how are they in comparison to rats ?

  24. the2greendayfan says:

    is she still living

  25. earthling1984 says:

    @madisonvillehobbies from local pet shop, they help keep in the bedding and food. I think they are called like nets or something, I am unsure. But they are usually in the bird section.

  26. MPENTICO says:

    I have ny first sto. He is the best!!!! SO gentle and sweet! Otis is such a good pet to have around.

  27. Sue Black says:

    Would an STO be a good pet in a high school biology classroom, in your opinion? I have great students so I don’t worry about harming coming to the STO. I’m more concerned about the fact that STO’s are nocturnal… Thanks for your opinion!

  28. Maxine says:

    If u want one and ur in the the mood to drive to michagan they have six week old short tailed opossum baby it is so nice and cute if u have a Facebook type even keel exotics thts how I got mine yesterday

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